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I am the Vice President of ANIS. What I am interested in is: a) the creation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem and b) moving the Romanian software outsourcing industry to a product focus. I believe that these two issues will help the software industry grow exponentially.

Tech Angels

I’ve been a supporter for many years of the idea of setting up one or more business angel communities in Romania, following models such as AngelList in the United States. In 2012, Bogdan Iordache, Andrei Pitis and I founded TechAngels.ro which aims to be such a community whose objective is to facilitate the growth of Romanian tech enterprises by providing access to investors, but also the growth of the community of investors in itself.


The bridges between Romania and US are very important to me. Thus when I was invited to  be Member of the Board in Alianța, I gladly accepted.  Alianța is a non-partisan alliance of American and Romanian organizations and professionals working to strengthen the cultural, economic, and security ties between the two countries. It empowers Romanian and American institutions and individuals through education, networking, and facilitating opportunities that benefit the citizens of both nations.

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