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Current projects

Gecad Ventures – – my main project, it takes 80% of my time and energy.

  • Gluru – Founded by a team of execs from the world’s leading technology companies, Gluru offers a smart, machine-learning platform providing a revitalized file explorer for today’s digital lifestyle. Gluru automatically learns the way you use personal and work files each day – then finds, organizes, and delivers pertinent data when and how you need it. Founded in London in 2013, Gluru’s team hails from Google, Apple, Rackspace, Shazam, and Amazon, with Ph.D.s in machine learning, data science, and natural language processing.
  • GECAD NET, – has two main business lines: providing professional IT security and infrastructure services and licensing software produced by companies that enjoy a worldwide reputation. Some of the company’s partners are blue chips on the market, such as Microsoft, Autodesk, Trend Micro, Kaspersky Lab and IBM.
  • Otomed Medical – OTOMED Medical Center is probably the newest and most advanced private centre of Audiology-Speech therapy and Psychology in Romania, offering a wide range of highly professional services. In a warm and relaxed atmosphere, specialists attempt to and succeed in finding appropriate solutions in terms of hearing and balance disorders, speech therapy and psychology. OTOMED offers complete services for the diagnosis and treatment of hearing and balance disorders, as well as psychological and speech therapy support for children with hearing difficulties, who wear hearing aids or who have cochlear implants.
  • PawSquad – – PawSquad is a marketplace that connects pet owners to pet care providers (vets, trainers, breeders, nutritionists) over multiple touch points. The company’s goal is to make pets healthier and happier by improving the way pet care is delivered. PawSquad Video Consultations allow vets to provide focused care – without having to leave your home. Through a video consultation, PawSquad vets can personally and professionally interact with you and your pet in real time, providing advice and support with any issue you may have.
  • Smart – Smart Bill is the leading SaaS for invoicing and inventory management in Romania. The company aims to innovate the manner in which small and medium businesses operate their financial services, while also supporting their fast and steady growth. The team has proven its ability to understand their customers’ needs, by building an easy-to-use and intuitive software product, doubled by great customer service.
  • Soupologie – – Soupologie’s plant-based soups nourish and boost your body, with every super-charged pot full of vital goodness and nutrients. Free from dairy, lactose and gluten, with no added sugar or cornflour, Soupologie soups are suitable for vegans, all natural and always delicious. Truly, soup with benefits! Soupologie is a UK based independent company.
  • – SymphoPay is a fintech start-up designed for retailers who want to enhance customers experience in a multichannel environment by connecting all payment terminals (either fix or mobile) to a central platform capable to integrate marketing and loyalty campaigns in real-time.
  • – TypingDNA is a security SaaS that uses AI algorithms to identify and authenticate individuals based on typing biometrics (the way people type on their keyboard).


Catalyst – JEREMIE-funded equity fund “Catalyst Romania” managed by 3TS [] is one of the most important tools that helps Romanian entrepreneurship get through the seed phase. I have decided to become an LP in this, understanding the difference that it can make for the industry.


Successful exits

  • RAV – software product initiated in 1994. In 2000, its international expansion began; in 2003, it reached 150 resellers in 60 countries and 10M users. Exit in 2003 at Microsoft;
  • GECAD ePayment, now PayU Romania – has been providing online payment solutions since 2004 for Romanian traders. In 2010, MIH/Allegro, which is a part of Naspers, acquired GECAD ePayment;
  • Avangate – – has provided since 2005 ecommerce and online payment solutions for companies that sell and distribute software via the Internet. In 2013, Francisco Partners, one of the most important private equity companies in Silicon Valley, acquired Avangate;
  • – email server. AXIGEN came to be regarded as one of the top 10 electronic messaging technologies worldwide (according to studies on Radicati). Exit in 2014 to a group of Romanian entrepreneurs;
  • – Headquartered in the Netherlands, with offices in Romania and US, Coinzone enables the world to deposit, manage and use their digital assets in one place. The company’s mission is to provide the best user experience that eliminates geographic boundaries and complexities of payments by enabling businesses and individuals in Europe and growth markets to easily store and transact digital currencies. Exit in 2015 at Coinify;
  • Vector Watch – – Vector Watch developed a proprietary technology, created for powering an energy saving smartwatch, with applications and functionalities especially designed for wearables use. With its bespoke operating system, the platform assured an extended battery life for its range of smart devices. The company’s intelligent technology also provided discreet and relevant information to help streamline the complexities of day-to-day life, whilst retaining the aesthetic and elegance of a premium timepiece. Exit in 2016 at Fitbit.

Old, completed or recycled projects

    • GFC (GECAD Fast Commander) – software product initiated in 1995. Being a file manager such as Norton Commander, the project was closed in 1998 for lack of innovation – we just tried to copy (without realizing it 🙂 ) and it obviously didn’t work;
    • Wisdom – Software product initiated in 1997. Document management over MS Exchange. The project was closed in 2000 for lack of demand. The key problem was lack of market understanding;
    • RAX – Software product initiated in 1994. File archiver. It was an extremely promising project at the time (it was faster and more efficient than RAR). Closed in 1996 because it depended to a very large extent on one person, who left the company;
    • C-Vantage – Call-Center launched in 2004. It was acquired by and merged into ePayment/Avangate in 2006;
    • StartIT – Project meant to encourage entrepreneurship in Romania. Phase 1 – 2004;
    • HTBI – Project meant to encourage entrepreneurship in Romania. Phase 2 – 2005;
    • T-Distribution – Toy distributor in Romania. Exit in 2008;
    • La Strada – Fashion retail, in Timisoara. It was an interesting experiment as a minority financial investment. Closed in 2006;
    • Skillsmart – eLearning company which was set up with an unsuitable partner. Emergency exit in 2008;
    • DNR – Exclusively financial investment in a 5 star hotel in the beautiful Danube Delta. Very enjoyable experiment… Exit in 2007;
    • Smartree – HR company, offering both outsourced technology and services. Exit in 2008;
    • ARIES – In 2007, I was elected President of ARIES in order to unite the two associations ANIS / ARIES. I couldn’t do this (I’ll recount in more detail why in a later post) and in 2008 I resigned because I couldn’t reach my goal.
    • I’deea productions – Minority shareholder, not involved in the activity. Basically, I invested with a friend when he decided to go into business on his own responsibility: Fade off and closed it in 2012.
    • – Minority investment in the biggest Romanian online portal. Sold the participation to the majority shareholder in 2012.
    • CloudBag – “On prem” software is moving in the cloud and so is software distribution. CloudBag was the first global cloud distributor. Closed it in 2013 as part of the Avangate exit.
    • VentureConnect – I’ve been a member of Venture Connect’s Board from the beginning of this initiative in 2010, the first of its kind for the Romanian IT / technology market. I’ve always thought that Romania needed such a project that could prepare entrepreneurs in pitching their business in front of those who could invest. Exited the Board in 2016.
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