Investors are not emotional buyers. They don’t window-shop so they can take their credit card out of the pocket and just acquire something. “Now, quick, or else….”. They need to see the company becoming, evolving, getting into troubles and solving some of them – before even considering an investment. Sometimes they do this openly, sometimes they just slow down the investment process so they can see the dynamics in the company.

As an entrepreneur, please don’t plan for “I just met this investor, it looks good, I will have the money in three months”, even though all investors will tell you that this is possible. It is, but it will only happen as a huge exception – that is if you have the coolest and most wanted company on the continent.

Better plan in advance – keep in touch with a lot of potential investors long time before you need the money. Tell them what your objectives are, so they see you achieving them.
Share your pains so they can understand the plot of the movie. When the time comes, they will be ready for you.

Boom: The average time between the first meeting and the investment closing is 18 months (personal experience).

Longer and better explained here. Written in 2010, some things have changed since.

Startups die because of a bad product, they say. Because of bad management, they say. Reality is that the ultimate reason, the only reason companies die for is that they don’t have money to pay the bills.

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Stanford Undergrad

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18 Mar 2018

After finishing high school in my hometown of Bucharest, Romania, I received a BS in mathematics from Stanford in 2017. I am frequently asked what Stanford is like, and usually only provide unsatisfying answers, along the lines of it’s different, or it’s its own world. The reason for my evasiveness? I am usually disinclined to offer the 10-minute monologue that I feel would do justice to the question.

Since I do believe the best way to understand an institution is through its members’ stories, I decided to write this essay instead. I will say something from the start: this essay is not a research paper, nor University advertising. Its goal is not to offer a complete and accurate description of the Stanford undergraduate experience, nor is it to convince you of the program’s excellence. Rather, it is a collection of my observations and experiences, which by their nature, are biased and limited. So please, if you do go on reading, interpret it as such: a slightly more deliberate fireside reminiscence about my college days.

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Our existence is increasingly more and more virtual and complicated. We have many email addresses, accounts, passwords and everything gets mixed up in our heads. We can’t manage to remember them, to understand which ones we need and which ones we don’t need or to realize what to do with them. In this mishmash, we get to make decisions based on emotions and in the heat of the moment: we create an account only when we have to do it and we no longer remember why we did it. I think that an objective understanding of the infrastructure – seen from the “above” – that sustains our virtual existence may help; will try to present my view on the matter.
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So, Vector Watch was launched a couple of weeks ago, in Basel. You can now pre-order it online, and the reviews (“this gorgeous timepiece“, “was the boldest smartwatch at Baselworld” and so many others) are already very positive.

I don’t want to go into the qualities and features of the product now – although I now wear one of these watches and it’s spectacular. I only want to tell you why this company is extraordinary and why I believe it will make it big:

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