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Journal of an Entrepreneur in High Schools

From time to time, I love meeting young university students to talk to them about entrepreneurship, about success, about how to want success and how to reach it.
After several years in which I was invited to various student events, I realized that entrepreneurial education should begin much earlier. So I started Journal of an Entrepreneur in High Schools in 2011.

The project consists of regular meetings I have with young high school students across Romania with the aim of awakening / educating entrepreneurship among new generations. Also, my guests and I (because, most of the times, I try to bring a surprise guest with me) want to help young people realize their interests and passions and if they can develop an entrepreneurial project based on these interests. We want to open their eyes to new horizons in terms of development after completing their high school and university studies.

Be aware however! I don’t go there to make a ppt presentation or to give a lesson. Not another lesson 🙂 . I go there to have an open talk and answer questions. Personally, I am sure that you (and here I address specifically those who want to have these talks) have enough questions regarding success, profession, passions, school, university, employment or entrepreneurship so that I never have to resort to a boring ppt in order to fill the time spent together. My surprise guests will follow the same rule and none of them will ever come in front of the audience to “sell” a product or a company.

The project started in 2011 and in the first school year we visited 12 high schools and met over 700 high school students. I would like to mention that 13 volunteers (in Iasi, Brasov, Cluj, Targoviste, Timisoara, Arad) and over 30 professors helped us in this undertaking.

Since, every year we are visiting 5-10 schools in autumn and other 5-10 in spring, all over the country. In the Events section of this blog I will announce the following visits for Journal of an Entrepreneur in High Schools.

This is a very fulfilling project, close to my heart, and I am so happy helping youngsters see entrepreneurship as a real alternative for their professional (and not only) life.

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