Diwaker Singh was born and educated in India and started his career as a reporter for the ‘Chicago Tribune’ at the age of 19 . This was followed by a stint in the hotel industry with Hyatt and Sheraton hotels. Diwaker was appointed CEO of India’s largest logistics and transportation company with 7000 employees in 1989. Four years later, Diwaker took over as CEO of FedEx for Asia and set up India’s first private cargo airline.  In 1996, Diwaker was charged with the task of setting up the first mobile telephony network in India as the Chairman and CEO for Bell South International’s India operations.

Diwaker moved to Europe in 1998 with the investment bank, J.P. Morgan, as a Managing Director of a special purpose telecom fund. He then set up and managed Europe’s first 3G mobile telephony network in Romania ( Zapp Mobile ) . In 2003, Diwaker was honoured with a Knighthood by the President of Romania. The citation acknowledged his personal contribution to the development of telecommunication technology and his contribution in improving the investment climate in Romania.

In 2004, Diwaker founded the ‘Delta Nature Resort’, a luxury eco resort in the Danube Delta in Romania.  The resort has been rated as one of the top 10 eco resorts in the world by the ‘Guardian’  and is listed in the ‘Vogue’ as one of the recommended ‘experiences of a lifetime’.

 Diwaker is currently on the board of directors of a number of companies and serves as an advisor to private and governmental institutions. He also manages a boutique investment company.

Diwaker is a keen nature photographer as a collection of over 4000 bird photographs from around the world.  His first book on the birds of the Danube delta is slated for release in the middle of 2010.

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