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Why build a company? You, the entrepreneur, the one who starts at time zero, who in the company’s first moments of existence has 100% of nothing… what’s your goal? Going beyond that… For the one who invests money in the company – the investor (notice the difference between investor and entrepreneur) – what are his […]

An interestingly written book, by a guy (David G. Thomson) who manages to synthesize in only 7 core values all the “do’s” and “don’t’s” of companies that in a small number of years have gone from an idea worth a billion to a business worth a billion. Microsoft, Google, eBay, Starbucks are just a few […]

I have always thought that Skype being purchased by eBay was really stupid. The two companies had nothing in common and after two years from the purchase, it was all visible when eBay announced (here you have the romanticized story) that they paid too much. Then they restructured internally, redesigned the business, launched super products, […]

A storm

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2 Jul 2009

Ooooh… what a storm we had yesterday! I didn’t even get to close the windows and the power was out. I realized that (not for 5 minutes, but probably for a few hours) I wouldn’t have access to my laptop, internet, TV, radio, light to read. What’s worse, my phone didn’t work for half an […]

  • adnana: I have just finished reading Bad Blood and it is just incredible. What I found it also incredible wa [...]
  • Florin Miron: As usually a cold shower from Radu. It's good and reasonable advice for entrepreneurs, not necessary [...]
  • Eduard: Excellent description on bitcoins, lol. and this was 4 years ago. [...]
  • Diana: Suntem in 2017 si se pare ca BTC inca se dezvolta. [...]
  • Flaviu Butean: Si eu folosesc 1Passoword, pe care il recomand mereu, cred ca este de un real folos. Nu stiu daca m [...]
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