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6 Aug 2009

At Radu’s invitation, I will write to you today about investors: what they are good at, if they are friends, foes, spies or blood brothers, what to do and how to do it and, especially, what not to do …

  • adnana: I have just finished reading Bad Blood and it is just incredible. What I found it also incredible wa [...]
  • Florin Miron: As usually a cold shower from Radu. It's good and reasonable advice for entrepreneurs, not necessary [...]
  • Eduard: Excellent description on bitcoins, lol. and this was 4 years ago. [...]
  • Diana: Suntem in 2017 si se pare ca BTC inca se dezvolta. [...]
  • Flaviu Butean: Si eu folosesc 1Passoword, pe care il recomand mereu, cred ca este de un real folos. Nu stiu daca m [...]
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