Events 2013

Events I attended in 2013

  • IT&C in the Park – Liberty Park, Cluj (Ro), December 5, 2013.
    Speaker. The event about business in IT was organized by Liberty Technology Park Cluj. The same day, I met students from Babes-Bolyai University and we talked about entrepreneurship, passions, business and perspectives.
  • How to Web – Bucharest (Ro), November 21, 2013.
    Speaker. Speaker. With Ivan Brezak Brkan from Netokracija, I talked for 20-30 minutes about the lessons learnt from the last exit.
  • Venture Connect – Grand Cinema Digiplex, Bucharest (Ro), November 5, 2013.
    In the panel. The best edition so far. The evolution of the event proves that both Venture Connect and the Romanian IT (whatever IT means these days) industry are maturing.
  • VentureConnect – Grand Cinema Digiplex, Bucharest (Ro), May 28, 2013.
    In the panel. The event confronts entrepreneurs and investors, theoretically in order for each of them to find what they are interested in: financing and projects to invest in respectively. A few thoughts: unique location, interesting projects, some of them worth investing in, the pitches were a little higher in terms of quality than last spring. There is still work to be done in terms of spoken English, speaking in public and the actual presentation of the pitch decks.
  • Journal of an Entrepreneur in High Schools – B.P. Hasdeu National High School, Buzau (Ro), May 24, 2013.
    I met about 150-200 high school students under the Journal of an Entrepreneur project, under which I also visited Oradea, Rm. Valcea, Ploiesti and Pitesti this year. The students from Hasdeu High Schools were amazing and very open, they had many pertinent questions and you could see they were very eager to experience such an extracurricular activity. Congratulations also to the teachers who encourage such projects! It was one of the most successful meetings I’ve had under the Journal of an Entrepreneur in High Schools project.
  • Leadership Concert – the Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest (Ro), April 24, 2013.
    Speaker. I had the honor to give a speech at the Athenaeum at Leadership Concert, an event that brought together 750 managers and entrepreneurs. The meeting, which was very successful and unique in terms of leadership events, was enriched with musical moments interpreted by violinist Alexandru Tomescu and pianist Nicolae Dumitru, under the baton of Maestro Giorgio Fabbri.
  • Journal of an Entrepreneur in High Schools – Oradea (Ro), April 17, 2013.
    Under the Journal of an Entrepreneur in High Schools program, I attended two meetings with students from Partenie Cosma (Economic) High School and from Emanoil Gojdu High School in Oradea. As always, meeting high school students filled me with energy. I hope I transferred some of my energy and pleasure of being an entrepreneur to them. We talked about life as an entrepreneur, about money and success, about their passions, about how you can make a business out of a passion and about how to think beyond the boundaries of school.
  • Journal of an Entrepreneur – Double Tree by Hilton, Oradea (Ro), April 17, 2013.
    Speaker. Before meeting high school students, in the morning, I talked to about 15-16 entrepreneurs in Oradea over a cup of tea. We exchanged some very interesting ideas about the online software business, about how to attract investment to your company, about how to make a presentation to investors, about business models, about how the business environment in Oradea is and about many other things. It was very interesting and I’m very happy I was there.
  • Meeting with university students – University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (Ro), March 5, 2013.
    Guest. I came back to college. This time I went to the Faculty of Automatic Control where I gave a lecture at Mr. Andrei Pitis and Mr. Razvan Rughinis’s invitation.
  • Venture Mentoring – Bucharest (Ro), February 6, 2013.
    Mentor. Event organized by the Venture Connect Foundation. In a smaller group (20-23 people), we had discussions applied to each project or business in turn, and we talked about business challenges and potential solutions. The topics we approached ranged from structuring a business, applied to the companies of those present, to ways of extending a business to an international level and many others. I was pleasantly surprised by the interactivity of the people present there and by their wish to openly share their experiences.

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