Events 2010

Events I attended in 2010

  • Open Coffee – November 25, 2010, 10.00 a.m., Cafepedia Romana
    We talked about exits, about how to present your business to investors, about how to not say “I’m not interested” but “how much?” :), about how not to make the first exit an accident, about how it is afterwards, about what you are left with and about what you let investors have.
  • Ziarul Financiar Gala – November 16, 2010, Bucharest
    I was pleasantly surprised and honored at the same time to receive from Ziarul Financiar, at the 2010 Gala, the special prize for the sale of GECAD ePayment as the most important transaction of the year in the Romanian private business sector. Thank you ZF and keep an eye on us – there is more to come 🙂
  • Business Days – Targul Mures, September 30, 2010
    This was an event that was very well organized by JCI Romania. I really enjoyed it and it managed to gather in the conference room of a local hotel a few hundred people who were interested in business and entrepreneurship. I’ll give the workshop that followed the conference, in which my debate partner was Marius Ghenea, a ten.
  • AIESEC University – September 24, 2010, TNB (Bucharest National Theatre), Bucharest
    I talked to a group of almost 30 students from the Faculty of Cybernetics and from the Faculty of Automatic Control about business, opportunities, investment, entrepreneurship.
  • Start and grow – June 24, 2010, Bucharest
    I talked about innovation and profit at the second meeting organized by in the framework of the project Start&Grow. Cristina Alexandru writes more about this event on the website
  • Gala Romanian Business Hall of Fame – Gala – June 5, 2010
    An event organized by Junior Achievement.
    I was honored to receive a nomination at the first edition of this event, impeccably organized by Junior Achievement, in a location befitting the event: the Romanian Athenaeum. In the United States and Canada, the project has a tradition of over 30 years. In Romania, the event sets out to nominate and reward business men and women that represent models for the business world and for local society.
  • ePayment Business School for Young Professionals – May 26, 2010
    ePayment has always given me the opportunity to talk to very special young people who are really interested in developing a business in the software, online or different kind of sector. At the edition in May, I talked about what I’ve learned during these last years of entrepreneurship, meaning… everything 🙂
  • Venture Connect – May 19, 2010, Bucharest
    Venture Connect is a commendable initiative that was started by Biris Goran law firm and that aims to bring together investors and entrepreneurs. You can read more about it on their website. I am part of the Venture Connect advisory board. To the extent of the time I had available during the last months, I tried to get involved in advising and reviewing the projects that reached us.

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