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In Romania there are very few specific regulations on „“Share Option Plans””. Because we’re used to starting with definitions, I’ll begin by saying that the only definition for such a Plan is found in a CNVM (National Securities Commission) regulation [1]. This type of Plan is defined as “a program initiated in a company whose […]

Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant When Iranians started building the Bushehr nuclear power plant in 1970 they asked the Germans for help. Things didn’t go too well so eventually they started building it through an agreement with the Russian government – however, the famous German company Siemens supplied most of the reactor control devices, including […]

The ‘Indian Dream’

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30 Jan 2010

India must be doing something right! At a time when the world is reeling from one of the worst economic recessions in recent history, the country’s GDP is growing at more than 6%. By the year 2012 the country would have become the third largest economy in the world, having surpassed Japan. And, all this […]

Malware on Twitter

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15 Oct 2009

At Radu’s invitation, I will write about a project I’ve been working at lately. Although it might not be directly connected to entrepreneurial businesses, I hope you find it interesting. Costin

About investors

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6 Aug 2009

At Radu’s invitation, I will write to you today about investors: what they are good at, if they are friends, foes, spies or blood brothers, what to do and how to do it and, especially, what not to do …

  • Ceasuri online: Vector Watch este un ceas de care vorbeste toata lumea. O campanie de marketing ce face sa i se just [...]
  • nartip: * 'Ouale' alea depinde de care sunt...unul e un cont de banca,altul de Facebook si/sau de alte tipur [...]
  • Bogdan: Ok... Este doar o constatare sau e prezentarea unei probleme ce necesita o solutie? Un comentariu [...]
  • Andu Potorac: Eu folosesc 1Password si ti-l recomand. Rezolva problema conturilor si a tuturor parolelor, si e sin [...]
  • nartip: Fiind stearsa culoarea am crezut ca e un subsol.Macar neagra fa-o.Cu respect,nartip. [...]
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