I have always had mentors. People I look up to and ask advice from. I cherish them and value their opinions. Some – I found as I needed their skills. Others – it just happened that they appeared in my life.

It was amazing to realize that Andreea, my daughter, is a strong mentor to me. If the transition from a kid to friend was nice, smooth and pleasant, acknowledging her as a mentor was  baffling. Then enchanting. Yes, she is one of the very few “to go persons” when I need an answer. One of the very few persons who’s opinion I deeply value.

Because of her analytical thinking. Because of her straight and sharp wording. Math and philosophy together. Helicopter view and mindful of details. Because …

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Stanford Undergrad

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18 Mar 2018

After finishing high school in my hometown of Bucharest, Romania, I received a BS in mathematics from Stanford. I am frequently asked what Stanford is like, and usually only provide unsatisfying answers, along the lines of it’s different, or it’s its own world. The reason for my evasiveness? I am usually disinclined to offer the 10-minute monologue that I feel would do justice to the question.

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