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These are strange times we’re living, so I feel it’s necessary to clear a few aspects from a legal perspective:

This blog is entirely mine and it is maintained exclusively by me, Radu Georgescu. I am the only one liable for what I write and for how I write it. If something you find in here is nice, it’s because I’m a nice guy and if something is stupid – well… not all my ideas are very impressive. If I misspelled something, it means I’m obviously not capable of using thhe kyboadr proprly, if… Anyway, you got the general idea.

My thoughts – and this blog in its entirety – have no connection whatsoever with the companies of the GECAD Group or with any other company I am connected with in any way. I am not a lawyer, an accountant, a business consultant and most important I am not YOUR lawyer, accountant or consultant. In this context, I’d like to ask you to NOT RELY in any way on what may be interpreted on this blog as being financial, legal or any other type of advice. If I have guests that post their thoughts on this blog, allow me to say the same thing for them: what they write is not related to the GECAD Group, its companies or to any other companies with which they or I have connections (including the company they work for).

On the other hand – if you like some of my ideas and if you want to talk about or mention them somewhere else, I would appreciate it if you mentioned where you got them from. This motivates me to post in the future.

OK… that was it. Thank you and good luck with your work! 🙂


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