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When you are building a company, you do it in line with the targets you set, taking into consideration the vision you have of the market on which you activate – at present, and a couple of years from now, when you will have to monetize that business.

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13 Mar 2012

I decided that once in a while I’ll bring to the forefront a Romanian software company about which the Romanian press doesn’t write; company that you probably didn’t even know it exists, and that, nonetheless, is successful on the international IT market. Don’t shoot; I’ll probably become a better journalist in time 🙂 . Today, […]


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9 Mar 2012

Weekend post – let’s give some thought about where Apple is heading. The biggest company in the world, a company that invented computers with Apple II and then reinvented them with MacIntosh’s graphic interface; a company that reinvented the music industry with the iPod, (animation with Pixar, if we identify Steve with Apple), mobile phones […]

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