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We have an idea, a product even. Now we have to give it a name and (I hope) we know that a company’s / product’s name is one of the seemingly small details that can make the difference. How do we choose?

OK, I have created a “Gadgets” category – I realize I like to test things, and so I’ll try to write more about nice tools. Today it’s about Kindle Fire.

Business models evolve and, if we (and the company) don’t evolve with them, we will die.

It is December 2011 and I find out that the Bucharest Stock Exchange has a new CEO. And I cannot help reposting something I drafted three times now (including what I am writing at the moment). Below you will find the post just as I edited it in February 2011 after having written it first […]

I noticed this detail in the behavior of Americans, but I truly realized its importance in a very private context:

  • Eduard: Excellent description on bitcoins, lol. and this was 4 years ago. [...]
  • Diana: Suntem in 2017 si se pare ca BTC inca se dezvolta. [...]
  • Flaviu Butean: Si eu folosesc 1Passoword, pe care il recomand mereu, cred ca este de un real folos. Nu stiu daca m [...]
  • Ceasuri online: Vector Watch este un ceas de care vorbeste toata lumea. O campanie de marketing ce face sa i se just [...]
  • Bogdan: Ok... Este doar o constatare sau e prezentarea unei probleme ce necesita o solutie? Un comentariu [...]
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