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In general, when we start a company we start abruptly – we have an idea and something drives us to put it into practice. We start working, selling, getting funds, well – everything that needs to be done in the crane’s working zone. That’s what I did, and that is how I see people around […]

Nine years ago (around ’99-2000), I didn’t know how things worked with investments, where money was going and why someone who has a big company isn’t necessarily rich. Then, through a nice circumstance, I met Ishmael, and after sharing some stories with him, I understood the math behind the investment. So let’s see why, when […]

After two years of not being allowed to fly (something that had to do with my health), I am back in America for two weeks. I’ll say it again (and I’ll develop the topic at some point) – being here from time to time makes all the difference in the world. This time I am […]

I have a bit of a hobby (if you allow my saying so), together with one of my daughters: cooking. Almost every day when we get home, we cook together. A Serbian stew, a carp plachie (fish stew prepared with oil and a lot of onion, left to brown in the oven), a rustic pie… […]

For some, Family is the most important thing, for others, Business is the most important. I am in the first category. But no matter where you place yourself in this context, this is equally important both for Family and for Business: Do not mix them!

  • adnana: I have just finished reading Bad Blood and it is just incredible. What I found it also incredible wa [...]
  • Florin Miron: As usually a cold shower from Radu. It's good and reasonable advice for entrepreneurs, not necessary [...]
  • Eduard: Excellent description on bitcoins, lol. and this was 4 years ago. [...]
  • Diana: Suntem in 2017 si se pare ca BTC inca se dezvolta. [...]
  • Flaviu Butean: Si eu folosesc 1Passoword, pe care il recomand mereu, cred ca este de un real folos. Nu stiu daca m [...]
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